MonMap Engineering Services Co., LDT established in November 1992 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia comprise of natural science experts in engineering and technical workers and since then steadily expanding the operations in the following service areas by gaining working experience. Including: Topographic maps – GPS measurements, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), land and aerial 3-dimensional LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) scanner technology, satellite and aerial-based topographic map Remote sensing survey and digital Photogrammetric Ground and aerial geophysical surveys (magnetic, gravity and IP) and mining exploration GIS services, software and database development and introduction Railway Construction measurement, engineering and consulting of three-dimensional (3D) maps of the airport etc., As of today, the company conducts its operations by employing more than 20 skilled natural science and information technology engineers and during the workload period we contract extra 40 workers. MonMap LLC conducted its services to a large number of government agencies, public and private organizations as well as engaged in projects providing related services to Asian Development Bank and the World Bank-funded projects by Japan, United States, Canada, Germany and the UK. MonMap LLC is the official distributor of the USA’s ESRI Inc (GIS server and desktop products) in Mongolia and also we are the official reseller of Digital Globe / GeoEye, BSEI (TH-1) and BlackBridge’s high and medium resolution satellite images. In 2011, MonMap LLC purchased LIDAR technology-based Leica ScanStation C10 Scanners, and began to utilize it. After successful completion of number of 3D mapping in mining and urban development by using this device afterwards we introduced unmanned aerial vehicle, or “UAV, Drone” technology in Mongolia – AeroHawk aircraft. In 2013, our company has three-dimensional aerial LIDAR measurements (city area, PhaseOne camera with Riegl LMS-Q-560), we became the pioneers to introduce LIDAR-s finished products on the Mongolian market.