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One of the leading companies in Mongolia to conduct geodetic operations, mapping and geophysical surveying at a modern, innovative level


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MonMap LLC was established in 1992 and provides consulting and training services for geodetic surveying, mapping, satellite imaging, processing, geophysical exploration, research and geographic information system (GIS).

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What is Geographic Information Systems (GIS)?

Geographic information system is a structure for collecting, managing, and analyzing data based on geographical science. It is possible to analyze spatial data and display information as 2D and 3D maps using GIS.

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Geospatial databases, GIS web services, GIS consulting and processing of integrated GIS software.

Falcon Platform

The Falcon Platform is a unified database of satellite imagery in Mongolia, through which the world's high and medium resolution satellite maps can be ordered and used for all types of research. Satellite images of MAXAR, Satellogic, Blacksky and AxelGlobe can be ordered through the Falcon platform.


The MONREF97 geodetic system is based on the main and auxiliary networks called MON-1A and MON-1B connected to the GPS satellite.