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МОНРЕФ97 геодезийн системийг GPS хиймэл дагуултай холбогдон MON-1A, MON-1B хэмээн нэрлэгдэх үндсэн болон туслах сүлжээнд тулгуурлан байгуулсан.

Fig 1. Mongolia's primary GIS network / MONREF97

The MONREF97 geodetic system is based on the main and auxiliary networks called MON-1A and MON-1B connected to the GPS satellite. MonMap LLC performed all the field and fixed development works of the network.

The MON-1A national network, based on the GPS satellite system, is based on the 2nd class main line of our country's triangulation network, as well as overlaps with the 2nd and 3rd class points. The stationary processing was performed on the principle of integrated equations in the ITRF (International Earth Rotation Service Terrestrial Reference Frame) 2000 system and network data.