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The following geodetic surveys are carried out by MonMap for topographic mapping of Mongolia on various scales.

Construction of geodetic location networks

Construction of geodetic height networks

Topographic mapping

Based on these geodetic surveys, topographic maps and feasibility studies for infrastructure construction are prepared. Because these geodetic surveys are directly related to each other, they are combined to form base information.  Within the framework of the Law of Mongolia on Geodesy and Cartography, we fully meet the technical specifications of the procuring entity based on modern advanced technology. 

Geodetic surveying is based on the correct technical and technological solutions and the work experience of professional personnel. The surveying operations include:

Topographic maps of various scales with high-resolution stereo satellite imagery (DigitalGlobe, WorldView-3, Spatial resolution 31 cm)

High-precision geometric leveling and gravimetric measurements of geodetic elevation networks (Leica LS/0.2 мм, Lacoste & Romberg G-meter)

GNSS technology for geodetic location network construction (Bernese GNSS software)

Detailed topographic topographic map from below (WingtraOne, Spatial resolution 1 cm) 

Based on the technologies above, geodetic surveys are carried out in a short period of time in accordance with international standards. олон улсын стандартын дагуу гүйцэтгэж байгааг илтгэж байна. 

Our company's experience in providing basic information to Mongolia:


Established the MonRef97 positioning network for the Mongolian Geodetic Pillar and handed it over to the Government of Mongolia in 2002 (Currently in use).


Cadastral mapping of Ulaanbaatar, Darkhan, Erdenet city and 8 pillar aimags and satellite geodetic location network of these aimags were made by satellite images and submitted to MCA-M in 2010-2012 (Currently in use).


Geodetic model of high altitude of Mongolia developed in cooperation with international organizations (for ALAGaC). Handed over in 2012 (Currently in use).