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Geophysical explorations

In preceding years, we have garnered expertise in offering geophysical services & collecting data for both national and foreign clients.

Mapping of magnetic fields

Electrical explorations

Gravitational visualizations

We are an active company in the geophysical sector of Mongolia. Our team has experience in providing geophysical services to foreign and domestic exploration companies. We have been cooperating with world-renowned organizations, as well as learning and cooperating with their experts in modern technology. 

We carry out geophysical surveys in accordance with international standards and comply with the relevant laws and regulations of Mongolia, as well as rules and regulations issued by governmental and professional organizations. Our exploration teams have experience in planning geophysical field research in an environmentally friendly, highly disciplined manner, respecting local authorities and the community, and cooperating within the law. 

Software utilized:

Geosoft Inc. Oasis montaj 7.3 + Gravity, Euler3D, PDepth

Magmap extensions - Licensed

Geotomo. Res2D Inversion 3.56G - Licensed